I know that mathematics learning is more challenging these days and you only need to take a glimpse on the 7th grade Math assignments that they work at home.  As a parent, I find my children’s math problems a big step more difficult than the ones I had back in my 7th grade.  Aside from feeling helpless and like a stranger to this more advanced way of learning, I know there’s really nothing that I can share to help them.

A Different Attitude Towards Mathematics Learning

Often, the problem is rooted in how someone looks at math things.  You’ve got to see mathematics learning as an essential part of the entire learning process from elementary to college.  In other words, have a positive attitude towards mathematics learning.  Take that as an advice that encompasses all the math learning tips that I am about to share with you.

7th Grade Math – Topics

These tips are applicable to all math students whether it is an elementary or a high school, or even a college math examination that you’re trying to ace.  In Math 7, however, students are dealing with a variety of math topics – probability and statistics, introduction to calculus, geometry, functions and some additional topics that depend on a school’s curriculum or a math teacher’s whim.  Those topics mentioned here are the general ones a student ordinarily encounters in this particular math grade.

One important point here:  it pays well if the student knows in advance what topics are covered in a certain math level.  That way, he has enough time to ask, investigate and understand the topics that are going to be taken up.

7th Grade Math Examinations– Tips

Here are the tips I have learned and used in my own exams back in high school:

  • Review the Basic Math Concepts – It’s like climbing a ladder – you can’t have an easy time with the next or more difficult topics if you haven’t had any expertise on the more basic math concepts.  It’s like you will never understand and work with the Pythagorean Theorem without having a certain level of mastery on exponential expressions and operations involving exponential expressions and equations.

Even experts on the field of mathematics learning have to look back once in a while to the basic concepts.  It shouldn’t be like you should feel ashamed just because you need to refresh yourself with things from the past lessons.  I tell you, reviewing past concepts is the biggest and most profitable act that you can contribute.

  • Practice, practice, practice – Mastery is not gained overnight.  I used to do mathematics problems and sleeping over them after long hours of battling with math problems.  It is a mentally tiring exercise.  But if you feel like you are thinking about those problems while lying on your bed at night, then I think you are in the right track.  Your attitude is positive.  You are doing fine.

Mathematics Problems Are All The Same

7th Grade MathWhen you grow old with mathematics problems and working on them like a horse, you will eventually see similarities in math problems, in the way math questions are constructed and in the methodologies these problems are solved.  Those math questions are expressed fairly the same way since you were in the elementary all the way to now when you have to deal with 7th grade math problems.